01 Aug 2014
Authors of India are considering the Self Publishing platform for publishing their materials.
The growing trend called Self Publishing has grown to become really popular among authors of India. Writers who actually publish by using this platform are usually guided by industry experts similar to traditional publishing houses Self publishing books here in India was a medium known as ‘vanity publishing’ till now. It appears to have caught eyes of Indian authors that is seen in the fast growing trend of writers selecting this method.
Quite often, distributors are approached by authors with their completed books for distribution many of which aren't recognized.
Estimates show that a publishing house gets 80-85 percentage more manuscripts in comparison to the titles it brings out on the market. A prominent publisher will get 2,000-3,000 manuscripts in a year's time only picks to publish 225-250, resulting in sufficient room for self-publishing. Direct publishing is usually picked by so many authors whose writing isn't chosen by a traditional publisher. A writer picks such type of publishing when his work is turned down by a traditional publisher, or if the writer believes that it is a complicated process or if the author wants to explore an opportunity that could pay him more.

US headquartered e-commerce biggie, Amazon, was the first one to make “hay while the sun was shining” and now has a huge strength in this fast growing trend in the united states with Kindle, Huffington Post and its e-commerce wing Amazon.com which sells maximum books throughout the world. It is betting BIG in the Indian market as their view about India is of a country with deep rooted culture with a tradition of rich narrative story telling.
The bigwigs in India have used the E-books model to boost this platform. Indians tend to be consuming more information than imaginable.So, this medium posesses a very high chance of growth once the economy starts to pick up.

Traditional publishers may possibly look at this fast growing platform as a key element of their business in times to come, a lot of them already have. Even though many traditional publishers have entered into Self Publishing possibly most likely through affiliate agencies or directly as a result of a future in it,some of them are watching for an online boom.Indian Self Publishing companies will take care of a better share of the market as soon as the e-book market takes off.